Tammy Wong

Tammy Wong discovered her passion for food as the child of ethnic Chinese parents growing up in Vietnam.

From an early age, she enjoyed cooking rice over an open fire and helping her grandmother roll tamarind candies for sale at a nearby outdoor market.

After moving to Minneapolis in 1983, she worked at a number of Asian eateries before opening The Rainbow. As our award-winning owner and chef, Tammy continues to play a vital role in her community and to impress diners with her unique and beautiful style of Asian cuisine.

Tammy is a longtime supporter of the Minneapolis Farmers Market and regularly shops there for the fresh produce she uses at the restaurant. In 2014, she began selling some of her own tasty creations at the market, including taro chips, Asian slaw and a version of the tamarind candies she first made as a child. Many know Tammy from her popular cooking demonstrations as a local master of the wok.

The secret to her style is simple, she says: “Fresh greens, garlic and onions stir-fried over a searing flame—those are the basic elements of what I do.” Pressed further, she calls on a Chinese proverb: “The chef teaches you how to eat, not how to prepare the meal.” While great food is always just a visit to The Rainbow away, learning to making it has been, for Tammy, a lifelong journey and a labor of love.